Thursday, November 5, 2009

warning: not very positive

I have had a rough time sleeping the past 2 nights that makes for a grumpy Kim. ugh. I don't like it at all. so it will just be a list today:
  • I skipped running. this morning -mostly b/c was too tired to drag out but also b/c I have developed an issue/ache/hurt in my left foot. *sigh*
  • We are having company for supper tonight & I am not exactly in the mood to entertain. by the time they get here but
  • I did run & get all my dairy, f/v,vitamins & over 64 oz yesterday so I don't know what my problem is today. really!
  • @ this point I am not even looking fwd to the gno/wine walk tomorrow night :(
  • I am two timing my consultants :( taking orders (again-consultant challenge this time) for Pampered Chef until the 12th & taking orders for my Tastefully Simple party on the 14th
  • Maaaaaybe I am grumpy b/c I waited until 9:30 last night to decide on my next scrappy project. I pulled out some completed pages & some unscrapped photos+supplies for Niece M's 2nd bday.. she's almost 7! eeeeeeeeeek! by looking thru & replaning the unscrapped, I might have 6 more pages to do :) then I'll have an empty bag & another project finished! :)

you know by now how I get w/lists so I better sign off now & get to lunch. have a GREAT DAY!

(november miles- 2)

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