Monday, October 19, 2009

My December Daily so far:

the title page which I have since taken markers to the edges of all the letters:
1 right side: Left side is blank for the December to do list.

December 2nd: pretty plain but leaves a ton of room for improvisation:

December 3rd: My Mil's bday-

I love this plastic page!!! it was a 12"scalloped clear placemat type paper I picked up last year after Christmas. Need to figure out a way to incorporate more of it in here :)

December 6th:

This should be first season deer shotgun in these parts so I took this a bit more 'masculine'.


9th: I love this paper! there will be several more of these pages throughout the book too :)

December 10th: never mind the bad crop job on the left side :) but I love me some currogated cardboard

the 11th:

the 12th is our planned shopping day for my mom & I so I had to include a folder in the middle so that we had place for plenty of fun photos.

& last night I did day 13 but its not yet scanned. its gorgeous tho :)
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