Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hump Day!

a list:
  • lighter work load today hopefully will = more productivity but we will see :) sometimes it means less.
  • I was able to check everything off my list for yesterday ROCK ON!! :)
  • Tim worked late last night so we sat out of darts & I was able to scrap another day in the December Daily book
  • My to do list for this evening is quite long
  • I am afraid I might not make my goal for raising $125 for the Susan G. Komen foundation for the Race for the Cure this Saturday :( Click to visit my pledge page and make a contribution to this deserving cause. I have no idea whose photo its showing but I can't seem to change it LOL
  • I am finally trying to download birthday party photos from Sunday
  • having technical difficulties-hoping to be back shortly. if not-have a great day!!
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