Thursday, October 22, 2009

total randomness:

  • I need new work jeans-down to 2 pair-ugh I hate jean shopping!
  • its been raining all night
  • I didn't get the bushes planted last night so going to 'mud them in' tonight
  • I've been really good keeping to my evening to do list to get the house company ready this week
  • I am having & closing a Pampered Chef party on Saturday night
  • I am getting more orders than I expected :) Pleasant surprise
  • I have to change the batteries in the smoke detectors today-one is beeping in the night
  • I am wearing one of my Halloween t-shirts today -FUN
  • I am refusing to let my packed weekend stress me out
  • cheesy tots & grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast yummmy
  • I got 2 more days done in my December Daily book last night!
  • I am determined to make this dreary rainy chilly fall day productive
  • not sure if I begged for pledges here yesterday or not so going to post it today
  • I am only asking for enough to fund a mammogram. Click HERE to visit my pledge page and make a contribution to this deserving cause. (ONLY 2 more days to hit my goal + its a tax deduction for you!!)
  • I need to fill out & return a training registration today!

Ok.. there ya have it :) complete & utter randomness on a Thursday! hope you have a GREAT ONE!!

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