Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thank goodness its Thursday!

ugh! I am feeling a bit like a pile today! couldn't quit coughing so @11:30 went to my chair, was awake @12:15 & 2:15 & then felt like I had just closed myeyes when my phone alarm was going off @5:15 UGH! definatly relying on the protein shake for energy this morning-I still need to mop the wood floor & pick up the play room b4 Blake's therapist comes @8:30! need nyquil for tonight!

Scrap Pink-the shirts are ordered & paid for. Registration is closed! I left a ton of messages yesterday to possible donors. follow up today or tomorrow to pick up Saturday. the scrapbook stores in Creston & Ankeny are also donating to the gift bags. YAY!!!

ACCOUNTABILITY: 3 dairy, 6 f/v, 96oz, but no moving exercise, drove to the garden to test the new brakes on the car, picked 1/2 bucket of small tomatoes, but nothing to speak of.

APPRECIATE: I APPRECIATE that I have a vehicle (the Van) that I can take spur of the moment out of town to pick up donations. I APPRECIATE that the garden is giving us so many tomatoes & peppers-lots of salsa!!! I APPRECIATE that I got SOME sleep last night.

ok.. off & running! have a great day!
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