Friday, September 18, 2009

ahhh Friday!

So happy to see you today!! :) I will do my best to honor you all day! I plan to be relaxed, laid back, present in the present & not take you for granted!!

I have no to-do list for today. w/the therapist coming yesterday I got my carpet vac'd & part shampooed, the wood floor mopped & sink/counter nice & shiney so I honestly have NOTHING pressing to do today! there is no preschool in town open today YEHAW!! so we will have no schedule but our own to worry about *sigh* planning some serious outside time this morning & again after nap/snack when the bigs return.

Tomorrow however is full of to-dos. banking, famer's market shopping, picking up the final non perishable donations! then some quiet movie & supper w/Tim. LONG OVER DUE!!!

Sunday maybe I'll drag out my fall decorations! If I buy anymore @ the famer's market I will definatly need to! :) other than that & working @ the shelter, I have nothing on my plate! :)

Then I will be all set to start packing for myself!
I hope everyone has a glorious weekend!!
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