Monday, September 21, 2009

oh my Monday!

  • Another day I am really not quite ready for. May have to go back to relying on caffeine to get me going in the mornings.. oh well, no choice but to hit it full speed ahead.
  • To do lists made for every evening this week to be sure I am properly prepared for this year's Scrap Pink event. the weight room is officially Scrap Pink territory for another week. Last night I sat in there & sorted donations into piles, boxes & bags. quite fun really! we have door prizes, raffle prizes & gift bag stuffers! SO MUCH STUFF!
  • Just when I thought I'd have this last week to get my own supplies around for Scrap Pink productivity of my own, I discover I am in need of a coffin (kleenex box) for deceased tape runners, a suggestion box, name tags for the gift bags, & need to find my fair queen crown for one of the games.
  • Outside of Scrap Pink I have other things to do this week too.. get a flu shot, play darts, have a chiro appt, get my eyebrows waxed, trim my nails, & keep the laundry up. *whew* definatly going to have to follow those lists to prevent the overwhelming urge to curl in a ball & crash!!!
  • no school kids to feed this morning=we r on our own breakfast schedule. hmmmm :)
  • OH & did I mention I went to the dr on Saturday & got a prescription for the lovely Z-Pac as I Have bronchitis for the first time in my life? yea.. lovely huh?? So glad I went even tho I didn't want to. but the coughing while vertical is diminishing! Definate plus!
  • ok off to combine the to do lists Scrap Pink vs real life & get them to exhist in harmony :)
  • YOU have a great Monday! we are expecting showers that we haven't seen in almost a month! WHOA!!
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