Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Hump Day!!

Darts last night was FUN! I beat Reuben! hehe.. he's like one of the best players there & plays in state competition & everything.. but I think he LET me win ... silly boy thinks I don't know. no one can hit a hat trick 2 turns in a row (hat trick=3bulls eyes) then not hit 41 for 3!!! turns LOL I thanked him when we shook hands LOL there was ALOT of trash talk going round the boards last night -fun :)

then we came home to discover we BOTH forgot to shut off the boiling eggs! ARG!!! so I put that pan to soak & started another.. thru together egg salad for Tim's lunches the rest of the week @9pm last night. lovely. it worked just fine as I was making his sandwich this morning decided to taste & YUMMMM ended up w/a folded over one for breakfast for myself.

Today is the final day for SP registration. I am ready to close. we have 20 for Saturday & 11 for Sunday. that's nice!! I have a list of phone calls to make to follow up on donation requests today, then order Tshirts tomorrow, pick up more donations Saturday & take a while off of SP activity next week!

off to read the other blogs on my list b4 I need to put breakfast on the table. Have a great Hump Day!!
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