Tuesday, September 29, 2009

recovered! :)

such a good word & feeling!! :) Sleeping thru the night helped!!!

I have all of the raffle prize winners notified & some delivered!
I have the van unloaded.
I have 3 tshirts left over -Med, xL & xxL if anyone's interested $15 each.
I have all of the boxes gone thru & most put away, need a tote to store for next year.
I have NOT gone thru MY scrapping stuff but its ok.
I have figured out how to change for next year to prevent the issues I dealt w/this year.
I am over it. :D

This morning I registered for The 'Local' Race for the Cure! I am wanting to raise $125 to donate a mammogram too. so if anyone is interested in donating to that fund I have paypal @ kkrj50213@yahoo.com or let me know if you need other arrangements. Also I can get you info on joining our team to participate!

I was going to participate in 0ur local Memory Walk but just found out its on Sunday instead of Saturday& I have to work the shelter this Sunday @ the same time :( but still donating.. anyone wanting to donate that can do so thru the site or contact me & I will hook you up w/someone collecting.

today I am baking! chocolate oatmeal zucchini muffins! mmmmm mmmmm gooood!!! garlic wheat beer bread!!! mmmmmmm Fall makes me feel like baking & it is definately FALL out! brrrr time to limit the windows open over night....

tonight we are playing darts & I am determined to shoot better than last week! I think I'll check w/the Eagle's for reserving the ballroom for next year's Scrap Pink Event! sorry-U probably thought I was done obsessing about it? I'll try to keep its mention to a minimum ;) hehe
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