Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Hump Day!!

Totally wishing today was Friday & I would have called in today! @3 yesterday I was carrying one across the play room to her mom waiting @ the door & stepped on a toy, rolled my left ankle, fell clear down, bouncing my face off a plastic washer/dryer set. Resisting the urge to throw up & I gathered my bearings & returned to work. OUCH! I iced it out in the yard while the kids played & by 5 it was pretty puffy & bruising. unable to find a sub for darts I showered & went to play. by the end of that it was more swollen, & very sore thru the heel. :( we went to Walmart & Tim got me a support wrap for it. many tears, a few screams & an hour of struggle we got it on, I took 8oomg of ibu & wrapped the ice around my toes, snuggled down & crashed. I did manage to sleep most of the night-waking only when I rolled overor when my foot was bumped off the pillow. REALLY stiff today but way less sore! :) didn't take the wrap off to inspect it, just put a sock & shoe over it. still had too much ibu floating around in my tummy & ended up getting rid of my hot chocolate while fixing pancakes for breakfast a lil bit ago. :( I am finding more sore spots as the day goes on.. atleast I didn't end up w/a black eye!! or broken ankle!!! atleast it was this week & not last!! atleast it was this week & not last!!

So I didn't get as much done yesterday as I would have liked but it wasn't too bad for a Tuesday! today I am only doing laundry in addition to the 'normal' work w/the kids. Hope everyone has a Great day!
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