Monday, September 28, 2009

Silly Me! (edited to add photos)

I was expecting this past weekend to be about fun & instead it was more about lessons learned!

*be sure everyone of the organizers is on the same page --space wise :) THAT worked out smoothly in the end *I think*
*no more Raffle prizes! everything will be small door prizes -- less feelings to hurt
*have a single room big enough for all participants
*I can't keep everyone happy for the whole weekend--I just hate to end on a sour note w/anyone
*its not personal -- so don't take it as such
*maybe delegate more so it doesn't seem so personal when someone is unhappy
*my menu was a hit :) -- or atleast I didn't hear any complaints

Photos to come later when I get the van cleaned out. I was so beat emotionally & physically last night that all I brought in was the food.

hoping for a low key Monday!!

Busy Scrappers!

Heidi giving Digi Demo Miss Donna! absolute sweety!!
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