Thursday, September 10, 2009

close call...

by the time I was off work yesterday I thought I had the flu :( I felt flushed & nauseated. ugh! I made myself eat spagetti & Garlic bread for supper, showered & was in bed by 6pm. I woke @ 9 & had toast & hot chocolate but was fighting achy joints so went back to bed. slept all night long :) woke today way better. its all gone. I have a tiny bit of residual ache in my abs from the upset stomach but I can handle that! come to find out another cc mom was feeling the same way last night & they weren't here on Tuesday to catch it from the same one I was blaming. so it must just be going around. already? yikes!

  • the new baby is doing well in our routine! I forgot how much work they can be when they are that little. eek. but we are all getting used to it. :)
  • the meals are settled for Scrap Pink. HyVee is donating breakfast for both days, Pizza Hut is donating Saturday night Supper, & I am providing both lunches.
  • little by little people are dropping off the yes list -which works b/c I had way more there than I had tables.
  • and I am getting emails from people wanting tables. it is all going to work out. I am done stressing about the attendance & just focus on getting the details finished up.

wow its thursday already! YAY!! sadly I am already ready for the weekend.
have a great day!!

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