Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Hump day!

even tho it feels like Tuesday! :)

a list to start the morning:
  • I forgot how tired I am Wed AM after dart night.
  • I remembered this morning UGH
  • 3 SP registrations in the mailbox yesterday!
  • 2 donation confirmation phonecalls, 2 emails & one pick up ALL YESTERDAY!!
  • an email registration inquiry
  • 32oz, 2f/v, 2 dairy, darts=exercise?, forgot the vites :(
  • wanting to wrap up in a blanket & go back to sleep
  • one child gone getting MRI today
  • new itty bitty started yesterday-they are alot of work sometimes.
  • think I'm losing another family-everything happens for a reason
  • going back for a 2nd cup of cocoa-its better than caffeine laiden coffee! (I think)
  • somedays I miss the caffeine *sigh*

what's on your list?

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