Friday, September 11, 2009


I remember where I was I felt.. & what it meant to my family...

*I was watching the Today Show-a rarity w/a houseful of little ones but I was & now I am so thankful I was.
*I was terrified of what it meant for us-the US. I was so sad for those lost & those surviving the loss.
*to our family, it meant that Jeff who was 20years old & army reserve would be activated. it was only a matter of time. & true as fact he was. we thank our lucky stars & the Lord above that he was lucky enough to get stationed in California to work on the vehicles shipped back. oh the horrible sights he saw & dealt w/I cannot imagine but atleast it was 'just' the machinery & not the troops he had to work on. Yes we were thankful!
*I became obsessed w/the news coverage. I had the tv in the nursery/scrap room on the news channel every hour I was awake whether I was in there or not.
* I had the entire house decked out in red, white & blue, yellow ribbons everywhere, a 'we support our troops' sign in the front yard, & dropped money in every military fundraising bucket & can I came across.
* I still get choked up when I see the uniform.
*I take more photos of our American Flag than ever before. it has a whole new meaning to me!
*I stand w/my hand on my heart where ever I am & the anthem is playing-this year, Iowa State Fair, the street by the Methodist food trailer, the anthem started playing & the whole place stopped, people rose, hats removed, food sat uneaten, coffee cooled, conversations paused, phones were silenced when they rang. OH WHAT A SIGHT. still gives me goose bumps to remember.
*I for one will never forget.

just when I thought this post would be easy .... its taken me 4 hours & 3 sits to get it all together.
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