Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Chilly Tuesday

good thing its a short week! I got a very unwelcome visitor last night & she's reaking havoc on my body this morning. hoping the toast & protein shake are enough to jumpstart the ibuprofen! Atleast its while I am still home & not @ the campsite & atleast I can work thru it(or wrap up in a blanket & rock them in turns)

last night we loaded the truck w/firewood for a normal weekend & threw in some extra since its a long one. then hit the garden. its dwindling :( it makes me sad that we had such a short growing season this year! I will definately miss the fresh stuff!

ACCOUNTABILITY: Yesterday I did get 64oz, 3 dairy & 4 f/v in. the walk was non existant but loading wood I am counting as my daily exercise, the vitamins I also forgot as I fell asleep b4 I meant to.

SCRAP PINK: we are now up to 6 paid registrations, 17 reservations for Saturday, & 9 for Sunday! (not counting myself I never know where I fit in there LOL) I got a CASE of coffee mugs from Edward Jones office yesterday! WOW!! that was pretty cool! Thanks Steph!

APPRECIATE: I APPRECIATE that this is a short week, I APPRECIATE that this is a long camping weekend, I APPRECIATE that we have enought firewood, blankets & clothes to pack to be warm & enjoy it no matter the weather!

hoping for some more of yesterday's productivity to carry over-beef stew is in the crockpot, clean wood floors in the child care(tackled them yesterday), clean laundry to put away, road trip tonight w/my hunny. keeping the ibu in the veins today will be key.
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