Thursday, September 24, 2009

ahhhhh Thursday...

I hit the ground running this morning! a bit sore from the chiro yesterday but feeling SOOOOOOOO much better!! :) Pretty darn good for caffiene free! Mom & I got the gift bags all packed (w/what's here anyway) & then I finished making the name tags for the bags. OH SO CUTE!! SEEE....... not bad for having to improvise in adhesive b/c our wal*mart SUCKS & can't be consistent in their inventory. oh well. their loss.

I totally got sucked into the new show Eastwick last night. Definitely just a 'fun show to watch'. It helps that it has Lyndsay Price in it from Lipstick Jungle (still missing that show!! *sniff*) I remember the movie from teenage years -think I need to re-watch it but this show is a good one. hope it stays. Speaking of TV. NCIS got started Tuesday night & I missed them due to darts so I was able to watch them in bits & pieces online @ nap time yesterday. & tonight is GREY'S ANATOMY!!!!!!! whohoooooooooooooooo wow I get married to my TV in the winter! I can't seem to find CBS's fall line up online anywhere but when I do & get organized I'll share my TV schedule w/ya. it might just be scaaaaaaaareeeeeeey! :)
ACCOUNTABILITY: I got my 3dairy, 4 f/v, & 96oz! GREAT DAY! hoping for a rerun today.
Today's to-do list contains the phone calls I haven't done, finishing yesterday's laundry, digging out the crown, & hopefullly getting the t-shirts while we are out getting groceries. its drizzly out this morning so hopefully we'll be able to play it low key.
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