Friday, September 25, 2009

Good Morning Friday!

So happy to see you & very thankful you brought your friend SUNSHINE!! :) I am fully caffinated & almost missed blogging this morning before hitting it hardcore. :O Wow that would have been wierd! Ok enough small talk time to get serious! ;)

  • Today I need to do the equivalent of 2 lists
  • Tonight I have a gazillion places to stop in an hour b4 the 2 hr scheduled set up
  • Tomorrow will be AMAZING!!!!!!
  • Sunday will be a relaxing fun time!!!
  • I will sleep so good Sunday night! :D

this is Scrap Pink weekend (in case I have some new readers) & I have been working off & on for 2 months to organize it. Love seeing it come to happen!!

photos to come on Monday!!!
Have a great weekend!

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