Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Hump Day!!

ugh I got on a name tag makin' roll last night & didn't want to quit. Luckily for me today, the Xyron X ran out of adhesive @ 10:15 so I just adhered the ones I had stickie & called it a night @10:30 they will be simple but DONE! :) quite exciting!

darts last night was fun but WOW did I suck! only one bull all night! whaaaaaaaaaaaat?? sheesh blaming the flu shot shoulder ;)

tonight will be a busy running night!!
*chiro @5:15
*walmart for more adhesive
*Mom's coming to help put together gift bags
*finish & attach tags to bags
*hoping I can add "pick up custom Tshirts" in there too!

I still need to locate my fair queen crown to use for a game, pull out a pink gift bag for the 'suggestion box' & decide if I am decorating this pink kleenex box or leaving it as is for the 'coffin'

APPRECIATE: I APPRECIATE that we have our laid back little dart league to participate in & that they don't take it too seriously. I APPRECIATE that my mom is offering to help w/Scrap Pink. I APPRECIATE all of the local sponsors that have stepped up to help me w/Scrap Pink.

ACCOUNTABILITY: my appetite is returning. I have been good about my protien shake daily so atleast I am getting dairy. yesterday was my best in a week-3 dairy, 3 f/v & 50oz. but I have totally slacked off the vites again... being able to breathe makes taking them so much easier.. planning to get back on that bandwagon tonight!

let the crunch time begin!
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