Tuesday, August 18, 2009

we asked around & around all Morning Saturday looking for this stand w/the 'authentic cajun food' alot of places boast cajun chicken on a stick but nothing is like this stand we had heard so we were on a mission to find it & try it. upon finding it he decided to wait for the group b4 eating there to share the new experience. I was happy for this as I chose to sit this one out. I just cannot bring myself to eat a crawfish. just cannot do it. sorry.

They weren't even sure this stand was going to make an appearance this year as Mike the original owner had passed away 2 weeks b4 the start of the fair :( so when we heard that we KNEW we had to eat there. his wife & son brought it on anyway! YAY for them!!

Tim cozied up to 'mama' & learned lots of crawfish info. he's so out going w/a bit of liquid courage. Tim, Hupp & Lauren tried the crawfish soup & I had wanted the chicken but some how missed out. oh well.hopefully they will return next year!!

She even invited him to Louisianna & they'd show him some REAL southern cookin'. :)
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