Monday, August 17, 2009

this year my fair themed scrapbook pages will be all about the food the kids & the friends! here is a sample of the food photos!
I am loving this stand photo! gorgeous
this pizza place is our first & last stops every year! yummmy

Jake-having some cotton candy :)

Lilly w/a fair favorite-corn dog!

Jadi having some cotton candy

sharing the cotton candy

I found it amusing that they just had all this beer sitting in the alleyway

the louisianna stand. there will be a whole post about this marvelous stand later in the week-here is their cajun chicken & shrimp on a stick

our sweets.. his strawberry shortcake &my choc dips mmmmm

my taco on fry bread.. from the buckskinners.. looks nasty but was lovely!

finally.. a good stand shot of the legendary footlong corndog


totally diggin the giant cone on top LOL

there you have ... some food & stands @ the ISF.
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