Friday, August 14, 2009

just another list

it seems that lists are my thing this week so here we go :)

  • I APPRECIATE THAT its friday!
  • I APPRECIATE THAT its a nice day out -we plan to spend MOST OF IT out there!
  • I APPRECIATE my helpers this summer-could NOT have done it w/o them
  • ACCOUNTABILITY/21 day challenge: I managed my 64oz, 3 dairy, 4 f/v & all the playing @ the park I am counting as my daily walk
  • I had another horrible night trying to sleep-sure wish there was a good reason for it!
  • I am looking fwd to a day @ the fair!
  • I have decided to donate part of my Sunday afternoons to cleaning the dog room @ the local animal shelter
  • I am fighting w/my old laptop trying to get it print fliers to hang
  • I will only have 9 kids today until noon then they will start to leave
  • I am tired of fighting my d/w that's not getting all the dishes clean every time :(
  • I am trying not to be too negative!!

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