Thursday, August 13, 2009


  • another rough night
  • =another rough morning
  • waiting on Suzanna & the trolley to take us away!
  • not taking picnic today-coming back for lunch
  • but taking photos of course
  • even the frappuccino splurge this morning didn't help me much
  • I did remember my vites, 3 dairy, 3 f/v & 96oz but no walk yesterday
  • its finally hot here. what the heck?
  • ISF first day is today! whohoo
  • got another confirmation for SCRAP PINK
  • sent out some more invites & registration packets this morning.
  • need to get the old computer hooked to printer & get busy
  • ok.. pick up time to get ready for the trolley!
  • sorry so boring
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