Wednesday, August 12, 2009


wow we've had a rough start today! yuck! I didn't sleep well -got my 96oz in so I was up 3x in the night, PLUS the time Gus needed out @2. guess maybe I should have kept my early bedtime of 8pm from the 2 previous nights. oh well. I think I'll crank some tunes & dance it out soon.

Right now, I am:
  • frustrated b/c the collage I have posted as my header is so large I want is shrunk & would love to have more summer photos to fill the space but for some funked up reason my headers always go to the left NEVER ever center! grrrr suggestions??
  • Happy that I did take my vites last night! got my 3 diary in, 3 f/v, considering the 2 hrs @ the park my walk for the day, & 96oz as previously reported. (21 day challenge)
  • EX-CIT-ED for this Saturday's excursion to the Iowa State Fair! Tim &I are going early as always & meeting up w/the boating crew thru-out the day! FUN! the ISF may never be the same hehe.
  • happy the Creative Memories order will be here this morning!
  • tickled that Scrap Pink is coming along so well!
  • both happy & sad that school starts in less than 2 weeks. ready for a new routine, but will miss my bigs.
  • bummed I didn't get ANY organizing done this summer!
  • anxious to hear back from the nurse consultant on our visit 2 weeks ago.
  • looking fwd to spending the weekend in my scrap room next weekend while Tim's in the garage.
  • enjoying listening to the kids playing cooperatively
  • looking fwd to hearing all about my aunt & cousin's trip to Australia when they get back on Monday!
  • looking fwd to a full morning in the back yard!
  • making a list of phone calls that need made today.
  • shocked @ how long I can make a list LOL

Have a Happy Hump Day!!

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