Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

its the last Wednesday of Summer vacation! eeeeeeeeeeek we are sending Summer off w/a morning viewing of GForce @10 this morning.

ACCOUNTABILITY catch up- Sunday: 96oz, 2 dairy, 4 f/v, vites but no walk. Monday: 96oz, 3 dairy, 7!!! f/v, walk to the garden swapping soon-to-be-compost for fresh veggies, 22 Wii Fit minutes & vites. Tuesday: 90oz, 4dairy, 5 f/v, walk w/the kids to the school playground, pulled weeds & grass out of 3/4 of the front flower bed then helped Tim move 1/2 of the extra retaining wall blocks to a newly mown spot, & vites.

APPRECIATE-I APPRECIATE that he cares what our yard looks like. I APPRECIATE the ache I've felt that past 2 mornings -tells me I did something to work some muscles! I APPRECIATE my child care parents cooperating to let us do field trips.

2 of my past big kids are here today so they can go to the movie w/us. :) had them for 9 yrs then they outgrew me-it happens. but was facebooking w/one Tuesday evening & offered, then mom texted me yesterday to check & make sure it was ok. they are here! :) FUN!!

photos tomorrow!
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