Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

a list from a tired mind:
  • I am up the 3# I was down on Saturday. I was a bit bummed but now I am happy b/c atleast this is my high yoyo weight & not the low :) I'll take it! hopefully I'll see that low weight again this weekend
  • yesterday I did 80oz, 7f/v, 4 dairy, but missed the walk & the vites. 3 out of 5. not bad.
  • we are getting the days figured out w/o the bigs.
  • monday one preschooler will be gone all day to class
  • the tuesday after Labor Day 2 will start AM class & one will start PM.
  • so I guess this is the lull b4 the storm :)
  • speaking of. I hope it rains today! its super humid outside! bleck
  • I should have started packing last night for the crop on Saturday but instead I sat here all night :(
  • we have a busy weekend ahead. so busy I had to start thinning out the activities last night.
  • I handed out 5 more fliers & a registration form last night
  • did I report the 2 paid registrations that came in the mail yesterday? WOW THAT WAS EXCITING :)
  • Val gave me a CD of her water cam pix from the tubing trip :) putting them on the computer now.

officially rambling now.. signing off!

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