Tuesday, August 25, 2009

first day

Tommy Started 3rd & Joey started KG yesterday.
there they go... off on their first day!

Joey, Amber, Jessinda & Layne

new school clothes!! :)

while they were gone we....
  • had a slow quiet morning
  • took a walk @10
  • did laundry
  • had lunch
  • welcomed Addie, Jo & Wyatt for nap time
  • took a nap (well some slept the rest were too anxious to get them back to sleep)

Next Monday will be Jadi's first day back to preschool, the Tuesday after Labor day will be 3

I .....

  • drank 64 oz
  • got 4 dairies
  • 4 f/v
  • took 2 walks... one w/the kids then one after work to the garden & back
  • while @ the garden I weeded everything, dug carrots (I think there are 6!), picked 2 cukes, rearranged their vines on the panel & picked 4 small tomatoes (Tim was mowing that yard)
  • I remembered my vites! YAY!!!!
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