Thursday, August 6, 2009


not the best photo but the better of the 2 once I got it cropped... I have never ever in my entire life had a boob problem! but hello.. both shots my shirt was gaping open so I had to crop that lil bugger out!!

so here we are.. Kim McVey Romero, Julie Whitham Martin, Sarah Wiltamuth Snow, & me. We met up @ the Mexican Resturant last night & hung out for a while. Good time!! but much too short!! Kim, julie & I live or around Osceola, Sarah lives in AZ.

I am proud to say even after 2 KILLER margaritas last night I remembered to take my vitamins!! I have totally slacked on them all summer long & w/the new challenge over @ the Sisterhood, I am so on it!! My list of things to make habit are:

  1. taking my vitamins

  2. taking a daily walk (whether outside or on the treadmill)

  3. getting my 3 dairy

  4. getting my 64-80oz of water

  5. getting my 5 f/v (even if it is mostly v8 juice sometimes)

In reality they should all be super easy but since they are so easy I think they are easy to skip over. Last night I started thinking lot about this & ate a cup of cantelope (from the farmers market of course) while I fixed supper!

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