Friday, August 7, 2009


SO EXCITED for the weekend!! its a lake weekend :) reallllllllllly needing the tension to melt off!

AS THE overnights & mornings are cooler I am facing the reality that summer is coming to a close. *sigh* so NOT ready for it in some aspects & TOTALLY ready in others. We packed alot in the child care this summer. We did more socially outside of child care too. it just doesn't seem like it should be August already. but what can we do about it? Time moves on whether we are ready or not so may as well adjust attitude & GET ready :)

AUGUST is packed!! we had the tubing trip last weekend, Lake this, Iowa State Fair next, a toss up the following, school starts the 24th, housewarming & fundraiser the last weekend then we are into September!! yikes!!

SCRAP PINK is filling up! :) I am up to 10 in less than a week. to me that's huge! Also had a request to combine a vendor fair w/it. YIKES!! I think I better get in serious contact w/the lady for the bigger building YAY!!!

APPRECIATE: I am appreciating the garden that's finally producing. I appreciate the farmer's market for what I don't have the energy, know-how or means to produce. I appreciate our weekend get aways to the lake!

ACCOUNTABILITY: 80oz, 2 dairy, 4f/v, got my daily walk in (I forgot the compost bucket when we went to load firewood so I walked it back later after all the camping gear was loaded), AND I remembered my vites last night!!! ummm I will have to check but I think that's everything touched on my 21 days list!

CHILD CARE: to day is BIRTHDAY BASH FRIDAY!!! Suzanna is 16 TODAY & Bryce is 3! she is bringing treats & he brought the juice boxes. we will be sufficiently sugared up by 9am! good thing its friday!

I hope you have a great weekend!!
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