Wednesday, August 5, 2009

feels so good

to be back to normal on the good laptop!! :) amazing how slow that other one was but I limped 'er thru. its gonna be list form today b/c I cannnot focus on full sentences!

  • the movie for child care for today got cancelled so we are going to the park instead
  • I had to send out 20+ texts & make 15ish phone calls letting people know it was cancelled
  • also had to post it on my facebook -just didn't want to have anyone showing up to a no show
  • I have 7 confirmed guests for SCRAP PINK over on my facebook event!
  • I love facebook!
  • I am ready for a boating weekend
  • Tim has an eventful semi-stressful day planned-wish him luck-deets when I can
  • I think its going to be another hot day
  • I picked a tiny red tomato, a carrot & 2 hungarian wax peppers from our garden last night
  • After going to the Farmer's Market & getting -2 white onions, a box of yellow tomatoes, a bag of green beans, & a cantalope OH & a groovy new cloth bag! :)
  • Have I mentioned my addiction to the Farmer's Market? LOL
  • I did chop up the cantalope as soon as I got home tho
  • Got a call from Gpa that our beef will be harvested (thanks for the term Shanen!) in September this year to prevent the $ crunch @ Christmas time! YAY!! 600# of beef WHOHOOOOOO!!
  • there are others available if anyone is interested in a 1/2 or full just Let me Know.
  • I have to recreate all docs I had on this computer
  • I keep finding things I need to recreate or reload on here-fun times

ok.. need to get busy.. I could make lists all day long.

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