Friday, August 28, 2009

3 cheers for Friday!

hip hip hoooray, hip hip hooray, HIP HIP HOORAY!!!

weekend plans in a word-BUSY! w/some creativity I think I should be able to squeeze it all in!!

last night! This was our 2nd experience on Craig's List (selling) both times was the wood stove that came in the house when we bought it but pulled it out for child care safety. The first listing went unanswered. Tim's been diligently cleaning his garage this week & decided to take pics & list it again -last night. So we did listing my email & his cell. w/in an hour he got a call, they were here in the next hour & took it! YESSSS so I am seriously walking around the house looking for things to list LOL quite amazing to me!

ACCOUNTABILITY: 96oz!! 4 dairy, 4 f/v, no walk but vites. I am not sure when the 21 day challenge is over but I am doing pretty good most days. :)

Scrap Pink update: another paid registration came in yesterday & handing another out today. hoping for some more in my mailbox early next week. :)

wow. sitting here drawing a blank. I have nothing else to post LOL so instead of rambling on I'll just sign off & wish you a great refreshing weekend!!
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