Wednesday, July 15, 2009

happy hump day!

I am so tired!! I had to take too much medicine last night to sleep thru my coughing that I am struggling to wake up today.YUCK!!! I think Tim should have taken something to sleep thru it too. lol atleast he is blessed w/over an hour in bed after I get up.

ACCOUNTABILITY: I shredded, got in 64 oz., 2 dairy & 4 f/v!!! its coming back alot easier than I thought it might. the body is SORE but its that 'hey, you are working me crazy hard' sore :)

APPRECIATE: I appreciate having a house fit for company. I appreciate having my house back after company. I appreciate the cool mornings we are having.

Last night, we loaded the truck w/firewood for the weekend. moving down the list :) we will be ready to pull out Friday @5!

Short post today. hoping the caffiene from the iced tea I am already drinking will kick in soon.
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