Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday True Confessions

  • yes that's right.. I started working out again! *whew* I didn't realize how tense I was thru the shoulders & neck until I was almost done & already sore but that is the only thing that hurts today YAY!!!!!!! I was a lump of jello last night so I was afraid my arms & legs would scream today but nadda YAY!!!! I DID ALL THE PUSHUPS (girlie style) but still, I did all of them! that's a first for me :) quite proud! Day 1-level 1-30day shred CHECK!!
  • now to get back on the f/v, water & dairy!!
  • we are supposed to have a field trip today but its looking pretty gloomy out. not sure we will try it.
  • maybe we'll just hang @ home & paint! we haven't gotten the paints out all summer. its time!
  • all of the laundry is clean, the clothes are put away just have to put the extra blankets & pillows back under the stairs from having company, the d/w is clean, & the trash it out. the upstairs is back to normal! :)
  • I picked a tomato from the garden yday!! :) it was a small roma but it was my first in several years! :) so now we've had 4 cheyenne peppers, a cuke & a tomato.
  • can't wait for the green beans to get goin'. I love fresh green beans!
  • Today is farmer's market! yay!! since we will be @ the lake this Saturday I must go today & stock up.
  • going to start the camping prep tonight :)
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