Thursday, June 25, 2009


sorry for the lack of posting! this morning flew past.. then we went outside when the first visitor arrived to finalize my QRS level 3 application for 2008 paperwork, Suzanna took 3 to the library, 2 went to swimming lessons, when they all started to return & the visitor left, it was time to come in to fix, serve & clean up lunch AND lay down for quiet time. Then visitor #2 came & did step #2 in my QRS level 4 application for 2009 paperwork!! whew. (if you reallllllllllly want to know all that goes into it, you can click on 'home chart' & get a .PDF file that tells a smidgen of it)


I also came up w/a make shift schedule of the 'b4 the company comes' list. I feel way better now. gosh I wish I had some interesting photos to share but I don't. .. sorry! maybe tomorrow as tonight we are going to Lyndsey's last ball game (a niece) & working on grouting the rest of the shower walls!!!!!! way excited about that! :)

ok.. off to find something to serve for snack!
Hope everyone's day was as much better as mine! :)
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