Friday, June 26, 2009


what a long week!!

Bathroom progress this week: walls grouted & floor tiled :) Medicine cabinets to be hung, cabinet & toilet to be set, floor to be grouted & cleaned, walls to be cleaned, tub motor to be reinstalled, trim hung, faucets installed

weekend plans: finish bathroom & work on cleaning house.(I won't bore you w/my over organizing detailed list-just know I want to get more done than normal since we are having house guests for 10 days & hosting my family BBQ after the parade on the 4th)

since I haven't done them in a while:

APPRECIATE: I appreciate having the financial ability(ha-credit) to do the remodel. I appreciate that Tim wants it done b4 they arrive as much as I do. I appreciate that he took a break from his tunnel vision of it to till the front flower bed for me last night. (even if that means he now wants to rake it a certain way b4 I put the barrier down OYE)

ACCOUNTABILITY: I am averaging 64oz, 3 f/v, 2dairy daily. I am watching my carbs & sweets. but I am not moving more than necessary :( absolutely no excuses about being too busy!

what's on your agenda for the weekend??
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