Wednesday, June 24, 2009

so tell me...

how do YOU shake the grumpies??! whether from yourself or those surrounding you?

I can usually shake the kids out of em (or vise versa) by being goofy, snuggling or treating to some yummy nummies.

b.u.t. shaking them from myself.. a LOT harder! I woke up grumpy today, tried w/all my might to be better but it just seemed that everyone/thing was against me & the kids were whiney, fighting & I am quick to snap. I HATE ME THIS WAY! they can't possibly enjoy it here. thank goodness I have Suzanna!! she's been great today!

things I have tried today:
*dancing w/them while I was making lunch & they were teaching Suzanna about our music collection
* laughing every chance I got
*letting them play in the puddles in teh back yard (after trying to keep them out for the first hour)
*pulling out the bubbles (built in laundry soap) to play in b4 coming in for lunch
*getting all into clean dry clothes & doing laundry (I know its crazy but sometimes it will bring me from a funk to do laundry start to finish)
*went up & admired the wall Tim grouted today after his court -its GORGEOUS!!!
*He brought back good news from court-charges dropped w/a $60 court cost fine. NO problem!
*my food check even came but that amt of money didn't even cheer me up
*stole the last hershey bar from the freezer meant for camping smores but it will be another month b4 it will be needed so who cares!
*typing this is helping some!
*thinking about the frappuccino I am having Tim get me on his next trip to town
*I really think that I am due some creative time in my room tonight -I will work some deals!
#1. w/Tim abt how much to help him w/in the bathroom (he's tiling the floor now)
#2. w/myself & that pesky 'b4 the company comes' list
then when goals are met -I will hibernate in my room!

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