Thursday, June 18, 2009

& then we slept

& slept right thru a tornado warning we did!!! YIKES! I was so tired from the week & he was tired from frustration of the bathroom not going as planned that when we crashed, we stayed that way until the alarm clock went off this morning! I am still tired today.. going to have to venture up for a glass of Iced tea for the day!!

I didn't check anything off my lists yesterday. just finalized the movie day, hung out w/the kids, ate supper w/my hubby & went to provider appreciation night for 'build your own sundaes'. OH wait! I did get one 'seed blanket' planted!!! & some seeds behind it as it was WAY smaller than I had dreamed! (could have put them both together-just may alter my plans & DO THAT! then cover the front bed in the weedguard + red mulch! hmmmmmmmmm ANYTHING IS BETTER than the weed patch we have happenin' up there now.

I'd really like to snag the decoration tote from the garage today. Logically i should clean b4 I decorate but maybe getting them in here & out & about will boost me to get moving on the cleaning.... we have 2 gone today, a drop in here this afternoon, Suzanna is taking 3 to the library story hour this morning on the trolley, I have some paperwork to catch up on, so the decorations just might take a back seat another day or 2. bummer. We achieved @ staying busy this summer! :) We r Lovin' it!

sipping my tea & watching the 3 I have so far playing w/a felt board set. Nice slow start!
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