Wednesday, June 17, 2009


  • Yesterday, we got almost to the elementary school playground & it started drizzling & continued for the whole 2 hrs! lol ... we played, picnic'd & walked home in it. they all got to change clothes when they got back & slept really well :D
  • During that quiet time I got a wild hair & went to work setting up a morning movie time @ the Lyric Theater here in town! I then started calling around to other providers & the local child care center & then advertized on Facebook to be sure I get my 25 minimum to qualify for the pkg deal. ($5 for ticket, small pop, small popcorn!) I had no idea it was so easy!!! I will definately stay on top of new releases & try to set something like this up more often!!
  • Tim worked in the bathroom assembling & installing the tub/shower valve & I was close by for assistance cleaning off the dresser top (hot spot!) & washed the mirror :) when we were done he watched tv & I sat on the deck & read my book.
  • So far I have gone over my 'b4 the company comes' list & checked the dresser top off & added a couple of easy things to it (for days I need something easy to do to show progress) its such a mind game :) & have banana mini muffins in the oven.
  • Today I hope to get the flower blankets planted (I know!! get them down already!!), drag in the tote of 4th of July decorations from the garage & give the wood floor some attention.
  • Tonight is Provider appreciation open house w/build our own sundaes YAY!! so I will be gone for a bit but I hope to finish the dining table & maybe a bedside table tonight! love watching that list get all scribbled up!

hopefully the sun will shine all day today!

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