Tuesday, June 16, 2009

to trip or not to trip

THAT is the question! I have no helper today-Suzanna is having a spot on her foot looked @-I will have 8 @ max, its all planned, only one infant, no school kids, maybe we'll cancel the park/trolley trip & just walk a picnic to the elementary school instead.

  • I checked a couple of htings off my 'do b4 company comes' list last night while Tim was mowing :) also did a couple of weekly jobs too.... I am of the mindset most of the time that if he's moving & working around the house I should be too. so until he's done mowing/cleaning the boat out/working on the bathroom I am doing SOMETHING productive that helps the house. Even if they are just little jobs like last night-water all in & outside plants, put away 3 baskets of laundry, top off the upstairs fish tank, pick up my scrap mess in living room from working on Stacia's book a month ago, & start cleaning off dining table that has become a hotspot. he may not have noticed or appreciated but it was done & *I* feel better.

  • Kicking the perfectionist to the curb for a bit! I am done waiting on the tiller for the flower beds! I am going to put down the seed blankets while the flower beds are wet from last night's rain & cover them w/potting soil & BE DONE. check it off the 'do b4 company comes' list!

  • I had high hopes of shredding last night but ended up enjoying a twisted tea while I was working around the house instead then there was no way I was working out. LOL

  • I have a legal pad sheet w/my 'do b4 company comes' list on it. I love to do lists! keeps me on track! so I also have a smaller pad w/my weekly list on it. I just won't break it down to daily lists b/c that's way too overwhelming for me! plus I like an option of what & when...

  • Bathroom update: the light fixture is hung, the switch plate is on, the walls are painted.. just waiting on shower valve to be mounted then I think we start tiling! EEK. another new frontier for us.

Ok .. on w/the day!!!

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