Friday, June 19, 2009



today my numbers are down so I plan to pull in those decorations I have been talking about all week, planting the last seed blanket, adding water to the cc fish tank, along w/my regular daily tasks.

our weekend plans are pretty basic:

tonight depends on how Tim's day goes. after out in the heat digging yday he wasn't feeling like bathroom work last night so we will c how today goes whether we get back to it or wait till morning.

tomorrow I have a list of errands I would like to run since we are local (instead of @ the lake) but we will c how early he gets started on the bathroom. while we are working on the bathroom I also plan to knock out some of my 'b4 the company arrives' to do list :)

Sunday -more bathroom (hopefully finishing up tiling the walls atleast) & we have a list of errands we need to run in DM (pick up my wedding set FOR SHORE!!) I can't wait to share pix of the tiled bathroom!! :)

what's on your agenda?
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