Monday, June 1, 2009

glorious weekend!!

the sun was shining, the temps were beautiful, I hope they had a booming business!! I was so thrilled to get cherry jam, grape butter, snickerdoodles, banana bread, a handwoven basket, onions/leeks, radishes, a potted 'moses in the reeds' plant, 3 tomato plants, mixed lettuce & FREE coffee :) fabulous haul! I am so excited to go again tomorrow!!! (am I addicted?)

the crop on Saturday was AWESOME!! 12 hrs=13 pages for me! amazing!! I was able to completely organize the completed summer 08 pages & add to them leaving only 3 pages worth of photos to scrap (& have 2 weekends worth to order to complete the book). walking in the door we all got a page kit w/lots of goodies, then we all won several door prizes thru out the day. I got 5" chipboard letters, 2 pkgs of photo folders, vellum glue dot sheets, & a couple of other things I can't pinpoint (which is good as it means they are already in my stash or used). the meals were AMAZING!!! Lunch was taco salad w/all the fixin's, supper was baked spagetti, garlic bread, salad & baked swiss/mushroom bread(that I skipped but the spagetti was gread). there was only one shop open & I got sucked into the mesh/net ribbon stuff & bought 2 yrds of all 5 colors she had :) then picked up 5 sheets of various printed paper & a chipboard tabby album that's adorable! home to CRASH!

Yesterday was lots of productivity: we got the new tomato plants in the ground, cages around all 22 tomato+pepper plants, & planted 3 more rows of sweet corn since the other 2 we think were flooded out. spent some time w/extended family @ a 60th anniversary party in Leon, & worked on the bathroom. (baby steps)

today I am helperless but I think we will head out for a walk midmorning if the sun shines. I haven't even checked the back yard but since it rained off & on all nght I am assuming the back yard is a muddy mess. I am planning to work in the laundry thruout the day & make the phone calls for the field trips/afternoon trips I'd like to set up for the kids this summer. Maybe we'll venture out back w/a mission -to move the bark/mulch from one flower bed to another & 'plant' one of the seed 'blankets' I have :) hmmmm we have options! options are good!

accountability: everything lapsed this weekend. no shredding, 64oz water @most each day, 3 or 4 f/v, 1 or 2 dairy, was thrilled to see I am sticking to the low side of my yo yo since Wednesday!

appreciate: I appreciate that Tim is determined to get the bathroom done by the 1st. I appreciate that I have a full house to worry about entertaining. I appreciate the work & time the vendors for our local farmer's market put into their wares :) we may dabble in gardening & baking but will never have the produce we can purchase there!!
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