Friday, May 29, 2009


today is shaping up to be a totally awesome day!!!
  • its FRIDAY
  • the sun is SHINING
  • I did some major organizing of paperwork last night after work
  • I think the back yard is dry enough to play in
  • I planted 9peppers, 3tomatos & a lone cucumber plant last night in the mud
  • I get to pack tonight for a crop tomorrow!!!! 12 hours atleast :)
  • there's a new challenge @ Shrinking Jeans
  • I have sun tea out on the deck
  • I have a plan for supper (meatloaf +new potatoes & green beans)
  • Suzanna will be here!!!
  • I shredded last night & really pushed myself
  • its FRIDAY
  • the sun is SHINING
  • I got 3 dairy, 6f/v & 80oz in yday
  • we are starting the day w/10 for breakfast :)

HERE WE GO..........

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