Tuesday, June 2, 2009

True Confessions Tuesday

  • I tried to shred yday but sooooooo wasn't into it
  • So when Tim asked for help cooking supper I jumped on it & left on the first set of pushups
  • (told ya I wasn't into it)
  • I did get my 5+f/v
  • I also got 3 dairy
  • & 64 oz in yday tho
  • the exercise thing just isn't sounding good :(
  • maybe I'll work in some bicycle crunches today
  • I am starting my morning w/half of a big bottle of Frappuccino
  • it rained all night so we have to cancel our field trip to the park today
  • I am just as sad as the kids are
  • but it gives us a chance to do a simple flower craft-making the most of the inside time
  • so glad to have a helper today
  • even tho I'll be 3 less children today than yday by myself
  • we walked to the elementary school playground yday to play
  • Tim & I hung & mudded a couple of patches of sheet rock last night in the bathroom
  • we have a doable (we think) timeline to get the tub set by the weekend
  • then we can justify going to the lake
  • then if we keep it up next week -we might get to go to the lake again
  • hating that our group weekends are all messed up!!
  • only 3 for breakfast-strawberries, oatmeal, pb toast & milk it IS!

have a great rainy day! :)

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