Thursday, May 7, 2009

a thursday list

too tired to form sentences & worry about proper grammer today so here we go:

  • last night's yoga class was a work out! my neck,shoulders & upper back are sore
  • there really is something to this SHRED thing!! I am up another # this am *sigh*
  • it also might be the pan of brownies on the counter
  • or it could be the bad combo
  • oh well. resisting until Monday (or Maybe Sunday if feeling extremely ambitious)
  • I woke thinking it should be Saturday
  • then decided it must be Friday @ least
  • ugh its only Thursday??? yikes
  • I completed some things on my to-do list yday but still have alot just started
  • I've done well keeping up w/my daily/weekly paperwork!
  • I had 8f/v+2dairy+80oz yday
  • Tim's getting overwhelmed w/his bathroom remodel=nothing I do is right
  • I am smart enough to just stay clear & be invisible , its easier that way
  • breakfast today is tator tots & french toast .. yummmmmm
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