Friday, May 8, 2009


just wish it was followed by a relaxing weekend.. not so lucky.

spending the day tomorrow in the city getting Farmer's Market goodies, bathroom tile, entry way ceiling fan & whatever else we need for the bathroom. then Sunday will be spent IN the bathroom. hoping if we take a big bite out of it he'll feel better & be less grouchy. (how come they never see it when they are grouchy?? I can see it when its me.. I know when I am being a b*tch but he can't see it when he is. OYE getting tired of tiptoe-ing & it still not being enough.)

14 days till MEMORIAL WEEKEND!!!! CAN. NOT. WAIT! PLUS we found out last night that a couple that couldn't find a cabin mate/couple can just pitch a tent on site & hang w/us!! YAHOOOOOO!!! I am ready to start packing NOW! lmao. I have a mental list but nothing on paper. I plan on sleeping, releasing some steam over some adult beverages & sleeping some more! I don't care what I miss b/c its my weekend too!!! :)

I hopped on the scale this morning hoping to have maintained, as we walked around the lake last night for our exercise.. ummm nope.. up more gaaaaaaa there has to be something to that damn shred! *sigh* I was so hoping to be able to maintain w/o killing myself.. guess not.. so I will Definately be back @ it on Monday & much more consistant this time! I have done reallly well on fv-6 yday, but 2 dairy & 'this close' to finishing my 96oz! I just need to move w/more intentional effort LOL.

hope you have a great weekend!! what are your plans??
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