Monday, May 11, 2009

monday report

this is going to be a combination of a confessions list & productivity report LOL

first the productivity:)
  • Farmer's Market again LOOOOOOOOOOVE it!!
  • tile + bathroom paint + supplies picked up from home depot
  • special orders (bathroom sink/counter + faucets) also picked up from Home Depot
  • hanging basket & new plant from Home Depot repotted/revived
  • boat acid washed/car washed/waxed on one side-don't ask me if its port or not LOL
  • broken brake line replaced on truck
  • kitchen/dining/living rooms cleaned
  • 2nd tilling for garden lined up :)
  • mother's day plants delivered
  • time spent w/Memorial weekend friends
  • I topped off the big fish tank upstairs (it evaporates & I put it off until the bamboo is poking out of hte water LOL)
  • I think Tim & I got some things ironed out-he's alot less grumpy now :)

now the confession list:

  • I did horrible on my eating & water this weekend! HORRIBLE!
  • oh yea, & I didn't work out or walk on the treadmill either. ugh.
  • I missed a photography judge speaker on Saturday in a local 'gallery' b/c I thought it was the 16th instead. *sigh*
  • I didn't vac/clean the carpets or mop the kitchen
  • I am craving sweets today.
  • I waited until yday afternoon to start laundry=didn't get the bedding done as planned
  • I layed on the blanket in the yard this moring watching the kids play instead of joining them
  • I didn't take a single photo all weekend
  • ok.. stopping now. its getting depressing.
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