Tuesday, May 12, 2009

how quickly we forget

yesterday was gorgeous!! the sun was warm, there was almost no wind or breeze, the shade was cool enough if you wanted that-not me I am sunshine girl this time of year. we were out for a while in the morning & again in teh afternoon! love taking the kids out!! love this new house & being able to let them go out when they want instead of having to wait for the babies to be ready. I even took the fussy baby out while the others slept for about 15 minutes until he decided he was HUNGRY. :))

last night we had leftover roast made into homemade philly cheesesteak sandwiches YUMMMMY & the rest of the morels from the Farmer's Market (I am not sure what I will do w/o my weekly visit this week *sniff*) then he went right out to mow! that workaholic!! I cleaned up from supper, un/reloading the d/w, thought about going to work out but sat down for some quiet time..ummm yea. I slept for an hour DAMN! he cut the rest of the subfloor up from the bathroom & I slept thru it. niiiiiice. when I did finally get up it was 20 till 8 & I had a show on @8 so I changed & came down to hit the shred. again. day 1. wow I was way too cocky! I was thinking since I'd done it b4 & not so long ago that it wasn't going to be hard.. UMMM HELLO?? YOU ARE STILL OUT OF SHAPE GIRL!! DAMN. THAT'S how quickly we forget. today i am sore thru the neck & shoulders-a bit in my middle back but its going away the more I move around. I woke w/a bit of a headache but since I've been up & moving its dissipated YAY!! but I know I will be drinking all of my water today!!! I stunk on teh water but quit counting @8 f/v yday.

time for an official appreciate entry: I appreciate Tim's hard work on the bathroom (easier to appreciate when he's not so grouchy about the standstill). I appreciate the stand owners/operators @ the farmer's market that put pride in their work so we can have produce b4 ours is even in the ground :) I appreciate the SUNSHINE!!

I am so ready for my shows to come to a close so I can be working out side & not feel like I am missing something ... how sad is that?? lol or maybe I'll get to bed b4 10 HA. I have a mile long to do list today. I want to get alot of printing & filing done, new contracts printed & handed out for schedule changes, & daily paperwork caught up from Friday. I also want to form a semi-concrete list of field trips for this summer since we have access to free trolley transportation again.

Ok ... time to finish up breakfast.. hope everyone has a GREAT DAY!!!
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