Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a drizzly dreary wet hump day

makes me wanna crawl back in bed & nap or try to read..

so we have a full house instead :)) I'm just moving slowly

ACCOUNTABILITY: I am SO SORE in the quads today!! YIKES.. how come day 2 hurt worse than day 1?? oh & the muscle by the armpit.. that hurts too. 64oz of water, 8 f/v, 3 dairy YAY!! I am finally getting back up there! tonight is yoga so then will follow it up w/some treadmill time during the Grey's Finale!

APPRECIATE: I appreciate having a freezer full of beef to pull from on a minutes notice!! I appreciate the rain-knowing it is needed even if its not in my perfect timing. I appreciate that this is my last full work week till MEMORIAL WEEKEND BA-BY!!

so far around the room we have one napping, 2 watching Handy Manny, 3 playing w/the wooden farm set & 2 floating around untethered.... I think I'll get to reading blogs while they are all content.. I should have another minute or 2 anyway LOL

have a great day!!
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