Thursday, May 14, 2009

needing to start over

G.R.O.U.C.H.Y. this morning :( I think it started @ 2:30 when I stubbed a 'ring' toe on the bed post while taking Gus out :( ouch! it was a stomach turner :( HATE those!! then the kids started coming in& everyone was grouchy too... ewwwwwww THEN Tim was rude in the way he TOLD me how to clean the tar out of the dryer that HE did NOT tell me was on HIS work jeans. ewwwww .. breakfast served & dryer drum scrubbed, kids yoga disc done, they r picking up now so we can go 4 a walk as soon as the last am arrival walks in :)

JUST one of those days I'D like to go back to bed & START OVER!!!!!

ACCOUNTABILITY: yesterday was better!!!!! I drank 64 oz of water, ate 6f/v, did an hour yoga class, walked on the treadmill going 2.5 miles, & not sore today :) so relieved!!

hoping the day gets better! the sun is shining.. it can't be all bad!! :)
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