Friday, May 15, 2009


THIS WAS A LONG A$$ WEEK!!!! YIKES so long that Tim checked his phone when my alarm was going off @5 to see what day it was!!! it has rained since midnight & would have been a perfect morning to sleep IN.. but alas.. we are up & kickin!!! & muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better feeling that this time yesterday THANK YOU!!!!!!

YESTERDAY: we went for a walk & ran their lil frustrated bodies beyond their limits (or so they thought) then we came home to snack on some yogurt & cornbread crackers (for them) & yogurt & grapes (for me) yummm then they hit the back yard & tore around like caged critters!!! sheesh! I drank 80oz!!!!!!!!! 6 f/v & 3 dairY YAY!!!!! I couldn't bring myself to shred but I did walk for 30 @3mph while during the first part of Greys. & speaking of Grey's -WOW on that ending!!! 2 words-NOT GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TODAY: the neighbors asked us to plant flowers in the new flower box around our cul-de-sac light pole & brought them last night. boring marigolds & I was planning some gorgeous purple phlox but I'll do the marigolds w/the kids & add the phlox later :) or next spring or whatever. lets just hope that miracle grow potting soils isn't total MUD from all the rain in the past 7 hrs. hmmmmmm photos!!! I hope!

WEEKEND: bathroom, tv, chilling out. NO FM this weekend *sniff* so sad! not sure how I will make it thru. I'll try to shred!!
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