Monday, May 18, 2009

3 cheers for a sunshiney weekend!!!

even tho the wind was ferocious on Saturday we got ALOT done!!!

Saturday: slept in :) (not quite a fair trade for the FM but I'll take it LOL)
  • to the Landfill to empty the truck bed of the bathroom parts
  • mcd's for my coffee
  • Lumber Yard for bathroom parts
  • Walmart for groceries + necessities
  • home to unload/unpack
  • untarp the boat & find the canvas tarp ruined
  • he worked on stripping/waxing the boat bottom all day
  • I went down to plant most of the flowers in the planter (saved a 6pk for the kids to do)
  • we had run into his older neices @ Walmart & I remembered having some scrapbooks for the one graduating this weekend so went home & dug them out
  • worked on the one I had left to finish-on the livingroom floor till dark.

Sunday: slept in again :) (has nothing to do w/it being so sunshiney but I loved it anyway
  • I started back on the scrapbook & he went back to the boat
  • had to go out & clean/treat the vinyl seats/walls for 3 hrs
  • back in to eat grilled burgers
  • work more on the scrapbook till 8 when Desperate Housewives came on that I Had to go to my room to watch
  • 12 pages done in all -very simple as most were layed out from a crop from yrs ago so I jsut used what was there for a while to get in the groove then started pulling things from my room to use once I was going good
  • I THINK I only have 2 pages + the entry page to complete & it will be full & ready to go
  • I have enough pix (2000-03) to fill another book-just gotta get it found (discontinued) but going to keep working on pages incase I can get it here this week

    wish I had today off to finish it :) but we are going to finish planting flowers today (photos to share later-hopefully)
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